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Mediatek high-level dialogue: eight nuclear attack to the high-end market in 6592


"Why do we push the quad-core, eight core products, is to tell you that we're not just for low-end market, in high-end we also want to go, even with the layout of the high-end market."On November 20th, mediatek (MTK) held in shenzhen 8-core mobile processors MT6592 conference, mediatek xie, general manager of qingjiang, said in reply to questions from the media.
Mediatek have long with mid-range image, however, the last two years is to break the mid-range market image, positive "shanzhai", to the high-end market.After its release MT6589 at the high-end market.The, mediatek push eight nuclear MT6592 is really the first gun attack in earnest and high-end market.
The performance MT6592 eight nuclear performance and power consumption?

According to product planning director Li Yanji mediatek, 28 NMHPM technology on MT6592, highly integrated ARM ultra-low power eight core CPU, main frequency up to 2.0 GHz, by mediatek advanced architectural design, to ensure that all the eight core operation at the same time.MT6592 also created a number of leading technology, the world's first supports full hd 1080 p 30 FPS h. 265 and Google VP9 video decoding;The world's first using mediatek pioneering ClearMotionTM intelligent video frequency doubling technique, can put the 15/24/30 FPS automatic frequency doubling and 60 FPS video playback, meticulous smooth and mobile viewing without ghosting, help end users on a smartphone to achieve the best visual experience level of digital TV.Powerful multimedia MT6592 ability also reflected in support high-definition 4 k x 2 k 30 FPS h. 264 video playback and support, according to the Full - HD1080p also support the digital television rating MiraVisionTM image processing technology.The highest support 16 million megapixel camera in camera.

MT6592 how technology was used to achieve performance and function of the balance?Officially, is through the use of advanced scheduling algorithm, and the dynamic temperature control and power management technology, to optimizing the allocation of the core of the workload, realize the balance of performance and power consumption.However, in order to achieve this balance, mediatek also spent considerable time.Zhu Shangzu mediatek wireless communication division general manager, said mediatek at the beginning of the design, in power consumption, temperature as a starting point, and it is not the same as before, before the starting point of design is probably the frequency or absolute performance indicators.Thus, from the most primitive architecture design, at the end of the means of implementation to do every detail around this theme, is there a way to maintain a balance between performance and power consumption."In fact we developed only through a few years the accumulation of related technologies, which involve a lot of architecture, hardware circuit design, software debugging and so on together."Zhu Shangzu said.
It is understood that at present it has more than 20 domestic mobile phone companies won the MTK platform for the eight nuclear authorization.Qingjiang xie said, "now many clients are interested in. In the future two months, many clients should publish predominantly MT6592 new products, in the first quarter of next year, a lot of customers should be able to enter mass production of products."As to the price of end product, mediatek gave no specific data, however, due to the high-end positioning, and just cut into the market, the industry is expected to the normal price is in 1800 yuan - 1800 yuan.
Previously, mediatek's quad-core product 6589 due to hot demand, once out of stock, the eight nuclear MT6592 hard to avoid can appear the same situation.Xie qingjiang the truth, "due to the problem of production cycle, if the product sales is very hot there must be a beginning capacity. According to the position of the MTK, absolutely nuts don't allow their employees or agents."Therefore, ridicule of the personage inside course of study says, the current MT6589 just "the king's party", premium brand of small and medium-sized manufacturers may bear the high cost of eight nuclear and supply shortage, do mid-range smartphones and function of machine is the best choice.

Li Yanji said MT 6592 has flagship mobile phone with the level of performance, in Quadrant evaluation, MT65921.7 GHz and 2.0 GHz version and the performance of the competing goods 2.3 GHz and 2.2 GHz, and CF - run bench points in even beyond the competing goods.Li Yanji MT6592 also especially in the low power consumption, the WIFI using a browser, full hd video camera, run at full speed running software, online video broadcast applications, such as MT6592 are greatly reduce power consumption.