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All volunteers, the end of the core of the micro?Spreadtrum and RuiDi merger will promote the upheaval


China no factory chip company facing the industry prospects - there is a lot of shopping in a small company in the domestic market of the low profit smartphone chip business -- be about to change. Purple light leading group in July announced the acquisition of td-scdma baseband chip supply trade show - communication (Spreadtrum Communications), and $910 million acquisition of rf IC leading enterprises in China currently RuiDi (RDA Microelectronics), these actions have greatly enhanced the confidence of the industry, the domestic electronic industry is expected to eventually build a strong enough a consortium, even than America qualcomm, also can at least with Taiwan MediaTek (MediaTek) a race. Electronic engineering album recently interviewed a number of sources of China's electronics industry is generally believed that purple light group acquisition for spreadtrum communication is the most reasonable and best choice, because spreadtrum needs not only compete with mediatek in high-end smartphone business, also needs to repel RuiDi division in the low-end market.