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Create "wireless" smart community Toshiba electronic target the Chinese market


As mobile Internet has entered people's life, wireless technology used for mobile devices are increasingly popular, including wireless charging, close transmission technologies such as bluetooth, Wifi, Zigbee and NFC etc., at the same time, the extension of the segmentation technology is also growing.On November 16, the opening of the 15th CHTF, Japanese Toshiba brings not only the traditional storage, semiconductor discrete devices, electrical products, will also be NFC, Wifi + bluetooth module and the near field communication technology show in front of the user.

Wireless Internet technology using flowers
Exhibited in Toshiba on the platform, a total of 8 major series of products, including storage, motor control, wireless transmission, near field communication, intelligent lighting, discrete device, array camera, etc., these new technologies are reflected one word - "innovation".
Toshiba in the supply chain has a history of 20 years, the NFC products that meet the NFC specification has just been introduced and the current focus on promotion in China.From a technical perspective, the NFC divided into two large, RF RF and safety unit, especially the safety unit, is very important for payment functions, Toshiba is a special design on security.Toshiba NFC chip is a remarkable characteristics, can make two separate chip, also can synthesize a single chip.The three different types of chips, all pins are compatible, encapsulation is compatible, facilitating the clients to make further development.And "bluetooth + Wifi" SoC single chip, is currently widely used in automotive electronics, industrial, medical and other fields.
Smartphone mobile devices such as power dissipation problem is still the current ills, wireless charging and mobile power products emerge in endlessly, Toshiba exhibition "+ mobile wireless charging power supply" single chip technology, realizing the function of the "dual function".Used as a mobile power supply, do not need to plug wire can charge their phone, it will "wireless".And when idle, can put it on the desktop coil to recharge my batteries, charging efficiency is as high as 70%, is said to be the highest charging efficiency.
Mobile Internet era is to share, will take pictures and video to share with the people around you is a pleasure, and the transmission speed has always been a hidden trouble.In order to achieve the rapid transmission of large data, Toshiba in the NFC technology developed on the basis of Transfer Jet technology, 1 second can achieve file Transfer between two devices, more than 1000 times faster than NFC, completely avoid the bluetooth long wait, and very low power consumption.The technology, in areas such as mobile hard disk, digital camera, fast printing will have a wide range of applications.
According to staff, Transfer Jet until December this year will be officially released, while the built-in is the ultimate goal, but for now not installed the technology of mobile devices, Toshiba has developed a "adapter", as long as the plug on the USB interface, can realize the corresponding function.The connector at the same time as "storage" function, price controls in 200 yuan of less than, Toshiba is currently the only company to provide the technology.
To consumers concerned about the safety of working person said: "Transfer Jet can only be in the range of eye one-to-one transmission, distance is not more than 3 cm, otherwise unable to read data, mobile phone is not open this function also cannot read, so don't have to worry about data stolen things happen."He says this will become a standard, widely used in the mobile devices.
In addition to the above new techniques, Toshiba and array cameras and intelligent lighting products.Toshiba's image sensor technology, the use of sensor can provide tunnel for road users in clear images of from the inside out.In terms of lighting, Toshiba white LED using a chip packaging, the biggest characteristic on material and process, it USES the gallium nitride silicon substrate, is much cheaper than before the sapphire substrate, performance and more advantages, household ball bubble lamp, automotive fog lamps are applications, mobile flash above can also be used, and the smallest products for industry.Secondly in terms of size, using 8 inch wafer technology utilization is higher than 4, 6 inches, the cost is lower.Currently, Toshiba to osram, Japan as the key customer, there are two products have been production.
Storage, booth engineers to the author introduces the latest development, the world's first support wi-fi wireless communication FlashAir SDHC memory card.Due to internal generated wi-fi hotspots, need not card reader and data cables, with built-in wi-fi, smart phones, digital cameras, tablet or PC, such as equipment, direct exchange photos and other data.In addition, Toshiba also exhibited motor, enterprise storage, discrete device, such as products, shows the more typical of Japanese "instead of", all products of innovation can see Toshiba the spirit of advancing with The Times.