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Portable charger to meet consolidation NXP ultra-low power self-tuning power supply scheme


Portable electronic devices in the "big, multi-core" burst, large battery capacity and fast power, small power adapter or

 charger has can't meet the demand.Energy group, on the other hand, the power energy consumption of more stringent standards are

 put forward.Grace wisdom pu semiconductor senior product marketing manager for greater China Zhang Xiliang said, as smartphones, 

tablets, the integration of the power adapter/charger, has low standby power consumption since the adjustment of the power supply will 

be the trend of development in the next year or two.

Adapter/charger development situation change mobile phone/tablet in the integration

At present there are 90 w adapter or charger / 19 v, 45 w / 19 v, 10 w / 5 v / 5 v, 5 w, etc. Different sizes and shapes.Interface will be 

the future of A big characteristics, including multiple connection terminal adapter, such as 90 W / 19 v and 5 v USB 1 or 2 interface

 configuration, such as USB output interface, such as 10.5 W / 5 v / 2.1 A is equipped with four USB ports.

High power small size is a striking feature of development of the adapter.Such as the capacity to do into the 65 w, 90 w adapter, 

30 w adapter to 15 w adapter's size.As you can imagine, now 30 w charger is only half the size of a business card.In addition, in the

 heart of the USB output interface more use multilayer PCB, instead of a layer into two layers (double).

Because the large power consumption, such as smartphones, tablets, a charge need several hours to fill.It is simply a little more before, 

such as 5 v 1 Ann instead to 2 Abe.And general electric wire is 1.5 or 1.8 amps specification, if Mr Abe used 2 line 1.5 amps and can 

charge but no guarantee.Therefore, the current greaten besides efficiency load will be wasted, wire under the standard is also a factor

 to consider.

Zhang Xiliang said, if you don't do the adjustment power, can't do it on battery using more effective, the benefits of self-tuning power

 lies in with the needs of current and voltage.Widened the current voltage smaller."Before the charger is 5 v, now the voltage up to 

12 v, nobody to do this in the past, because the industry is sensitive to the cost of the charger, but now many big brands are

 consciously to integrate charger for smartphones and tablets."