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Smart phones can quickly become lost money business


Japanese companies clockwise, it seems, are still stay in "smartphones" before.Appliances fair "held in early October 2013 Japanese electronics high-tech expo (CEATEC)", the Japanese companies one of the first is "4 k", "8 k" high-definition LCD TV.
Tim cook, apple's chief executive officer (CEO) not long ago, once said: "sit in the front of the television, feeling as if by back to 20 years ago".Unable to connect online TV set as "historical relics" is only a matter of time.Obviously today is no longer around high definition television era of competition, but I can't from Japanese companies or before "smartphones" horizontal competition.
With smartphones got on the top of the world, on the other hand, the South Korea's samsung electronics has shown, when you go to "the smartphone era", its recently released to interact with flat end smart watches "Galaxy Gear" and flexible deformation of the organic EL display "YOUM".
"After the sell mobile phone business to the United States Microsoft, nokia will use the rest of the communications equipment business with alcatel-lucent franco-american joint venture business merger?"In Europe and the us stock market speculation.
After sale terminal business, nokia has nearly 700 billion yen (RMB 43.597 billion), that alone that speculation is not unfounded.At the same time, it also pushes up the shares of alcatel-lucent.