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The south Korean electronics show in the grand opening of 2011


The 42nd Korean Electronics industry exhibition (Chesapeake Electronics Show 2011, hereinafter referred to as KES) in south Korea on October 12-15 gyeonggi province mountain KINTEX exhibition hall the grand opening.This exhibition to Be "smart" as the theme, the main direction of the products is concentrated in the semiconductor, display, information and communication, radio, etc., on the basis of the previous main hardware products, also strengthened the 3 d, smart App, intelligent integration, digital content rich software application, etc. 
South Korea's external electronic exhibition by the south Korean electronics industry organization founded in 1969, has successfully hosted the 41st, now has developed into Asia's largest and most representative professional electronics exhibition.The exhibition hall area of 53541 square meters, 850 companies from 13 countries, up to more than 60000 people visited.
In this exhibition, samsung, LG, HP, IBM, Microsoft, nissan, 3 m and other famous brands also take this opportunity to show more price advantage and innovation of new products.It is understood that the exhibition will hold a meeting on an international scale, and to strengthen the construction of software, mobile communications and other fields, offers visitors the future trends of R&D and investment direction information.
Analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, this not only reflects the integration trend of terminal equipment and solutions, recently back to watch the world enterprise provides a rich, and through the information fusion technology provides a new idea, new technology and new products and for the south Korean enterprises with advanced technology and quality assurance to provide cooperation.
In order to reflect the intelligence era characteristics, during the activities, the organizers also built with activities related to mobile web site, all participants via smartphones "App" application can search the products and advance booking and trade fair, real-time industry news and to participate in the activities of the communication between the participants.(ZeBian: MeiDan)